{{ 'One Home is a free, nonprofit website that makes it easy to find affordable housing' | translate }}

{{ 'One Home helps anyone find a home they are eligible for, share housing information with others, and download housing applications.' | translate }}

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{{ 'Searching for a home is easy on One Home. Start by choosing your preferred area and entering information about yourself. We’ll filter the results so they match your needs.' | translate }}

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{{ 'Let’s work together to streamline and improve how families access affordable housing. We’re looking for forward-thinking agencies to partner with so we can better serve everyone in the community.' | translate }}

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{{ 'You can help create a better system for families in need. We’re building a coalition of grantmakers who want affordable housing solutions that ensure everyone has a safe and stable place to call home.' | translate }}

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{{ 'Looking for other resources beyond housing? Visit One Degree' | translate }}

{{ 'Our web and mobile platform helps thousands of people easily find, manage, and share their experiences with community resources — food banks, employment services, shelters, health clinics, and much more.' | translate }} {{ 'One Degree is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization, whose mission is to empower people to create a path out of poverty for themselves and for their communities. We are focused on building and managing modern tech-driven solutions to problems that plague the safety net of community resources that help families in need.' | translate }}

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